168316_488873242110_7917135_nAcademic Credits

The student will receive an Academic Record twice annually indicating the credits achieved by the learner towards the qualification. Until such time as the student has acquired all of the credits required for the qualification the certificate will not be issued.

In the case that a student has completed another qualification which is similar to the programme offered by A4FM (The Academy for Facilities Management), the Academy may recognise some or part of the credits that the student has obtained. Should a student wish to receive credits towards the facilities management qualification offered by the Academy for Facilities Management, we will consider an official transcript of the relevant Academic Record as provided by a registered institution and recognise credits, where appropriate, but up to no more than 50% of the credits required to complete the Higher Certificate in Facilities Management.


The student is required to pass all of the required modules to complete the certificate and achieve the qualification. This is a 120 credit or one year qualification which can be completed in 12 to 24 months depending upon the student’s capacity.


The Examination Committee will recommend that a student receives their qualification and the Academic Board will confer the qualification. Qualifications will be issued to students at a commencement ceremony to be held annually.