Access to the Advanced Certificate

This Open Distance Learning (ODL) programme is open to all suitable applicants with a Higher Certificate in FM or an equivalent NQF5 or higher qualification. Students can complete the qualification by correspondence and is designed to be completed over 24 months (one year on a full time basis). Additional requirements and information:

  • Mature students (23 and older) will be able to apply to the institution based upon their experience.
  • Prospective students have to be South African citizens or be in a position of a valid passport and student permit issued by the competent authority.
  • RPL Students who do not satisfy the technical benchmark, but can demonstrate comparable RPL competency may also be granted admission upon applying to the institution. Admission of students through RPL will not constitute more than 10% of the total student intake for the programme. The student will be liable for costs associated with any RPL undertaken. See the RPL policy for further details in this regard.

Language policy

  • English is the primary language for assessment at A4FM.
  • The language of instruction is English, but may vary depending upon the participants’ background. It would not be uncommon for the leader of the contact session to train in both English and Afrikaans or another appropriate language, depending on individual language ability.
  • All communication, facilitation, assessment and moderation procedures are conducted in English.