Assessment rules

  • Under the broad context of outcomes based education, A4FM adopts an assessment approach that includes formal and practical assessment appropriate the facilities management vocational environment. All assessment criteria are clearly enumerated and also communicated to students and employers by way of the relevant A4FM policies accessible on our website. As a matter of principle, all assessment outcomes are made available for verification and appeal, as may be necessary.
  • All summative assessments (exams) are conducted formally and internally. Assessment of core subjects is conducted with the assistance of qualified external specialists in the particular field. Feedback to students is provided in writing.

ACFMM Assessments

The assessments for this programme consist of the following:

  • 1 x pre-contact session assignment
  • 2 x tests
  • Work-based learning and logbook per module
  • Assignment per module
  • Exams
  • Integrated assignment

The Assessment Policy as well as the Code of Conduct for students of the Academy are available on our website to all registered students.

Please note that the contact sessions are not compulsory, they are scheduled merely to assist students. Student who do not want to/cannot attend contact sessions will, as far as is possible, be put into contact with a mentor in your area.  The mentor will be an experienced FM who will be available to familiarise a student with the ACFMM. Students can determine their own study schedule, but will be limited to a total period of two years.


Exams are written for each subject:

  • A sub-minimum mark of 40% has to be obtained for any exam.
  • In order to pass any subject a minimum of 50% has to be obtained. The final mark is a weighted average of the semester mark (60%) and the exam result (40%).

Download ACFMM 2015 overview