educational_assessment_headerAssessment rules

  • Under the broad context of outcomes based education, A4FM adopts an assessment approach that includes formal and practical assessment appropriate the facilities management vocational environment. All assessment criteria are clearly enumerated and also communicated to students and employers by way of the relevant A4FM policies accessible on our website. As a matter of principle, all assessment outcomes are made available for verification and appeal, as may be necessary.
  • All summative assessments (exams) are conducted formally and internally. Assessment of core subjects is conducted with the assistance of qualified external specialists in the particular field. Feedback to students is provided in writing.

The continuous assessment criteria for the HCFM are listed below. The overall semester mark obtained for the following activities will determine if a student gets admission to a semester exam. A sub-minimum of 40% has to be achieved for any element of continuous assessment.


Continuous Assessment

  • Class mark (weighted at 10%), awarded for activities like presentations, class tests, etc.
  • Two semester tests (weighted at 25 % and 15% respectively) per subject.
  • One pre-contact session assignment (weighted at 10%), and one post-contact session assignment (weighted at 40%), per subject.
    • Assignments have to be the student’s own work and a declaration to this effect will be required.
  • Complete a logbook per assignment (weighted at 10%):
    • Undertake work-based learning (WBL) as may be required per subject (guidelines will be provided to students).
    • A logbook of workplace based learning, has to be completed for each of the seven subjects. (Pro forma logbook will be provided)
    • A certified copy of the students job description is also required. If a student is not permanently employed in FM or if the job specifications do not cover certain areas required by the HCFM programme, an activity sheet of the WBL activities and hours will have to be completed.
    • A report on the WBL period also needs to be submitted.


Exams are written for each subject:

  • A sub-minimum mark of 40% has to be obtained for any exam.
  • In order to pass any subject a minimum of 50% has to be obtained. The final mark is a weighted average of the semester mark (60%) and the exam result (40%).