Employees responsible for building management in medium to large organisations will most benefit from this course. The course is set to enhance their specialised knowledge and skills.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Facilities Management: Participants are introduced to the field ofFM, what it is, where it originated, what elements can be distinguished and how it can benefit building supervision.
  • Cost-management: Integral FM expenditure usually constitutes an important cost component for most organisations. We focus special attention on these integral FM costs and how best to manage it.
  •  Space management and requirements: Principals of space management are covered in addition to quantification of available space. Participants will learn how to execute property performance measurement and to properly analyse the cost and other implications of the different options, e.g. renovation, extension, sub-letting, downsizing, relocating, etc.
  • Space requirements & relocation: The space requirements of the enterprise largely determine its accommodation needs. This module focuses on accurately determining these needs and requirements.
  • Maintenance management: Good maintenance is the key to good building management. We analyse preventative and corrective maintenance.
  • Contract management: Various external contractors may be contracted to service a building/property and this module is aimed at how best to manage these contracts.
  • Statutory Requirements: This module ensures that the property manager will be aware of applicable statutes and building regulations and will know how best to incorporate these into the overall management of the property.
  • Alterations: The building supervisor plays an important role with regard to any alterations and he/she is sensitised to his facilitative role in dealing with both professionals (architects) and users.
  • Technology: This module deals with the basics concerning some of the large technical components, e.g. lifts, air-conditioning, lighting, etc.
  • Building Control Systems and benchmarking: This module is devoted to information technology – what systems and software is required by the organisation, the pros and cons of different FM software packages (FMIS) in relation to various types of organisations. Attention is focused on the ideal system to support integrated facilities management as well as the relevant benchmarks.

Who should attend?

  • Property managers and building supervisors responsible for the properties/buildings of medium to large organisations.
  • Employees interested in expanding their specialist knowledge and skills in this field.

Course objectives:

  • Expanding knowledge and skills required for optimal building management.


  • 5 days.

Certification and NQF (National Qualifications Framework) Level:

  • Certificate of participation is issued for attendance only. Course is offered at NQF level 4 and those who wish can submit to assessment and if they succeed can get a certificate of competence.