Employees and supervisors who are responsible for the management of cleaning services will benefit from this course. The specialised knowledge and skills conveyed here would be applicable regardless of whether the cleaning
function has been fully or partially outsourced.

cleaning supervisor

Course Content

Cleaning Programme:  

  • Cleaning excellence is first and foremost achieved by assessing and compiling a comprehensive list of requirements. This module provides practical guidelines.

 Contract evaluation:  

  • We deal with the cleaning contracts and some general requirements concerning outsourcing.

Outsourcing of cleaning contracts:  

  • We cover the basics of outsourcing, tender calls, tender evaluations, and contract management and service level agreements.


  • Good communication skills are required by the cleaning supervisor with regard to his/her role as intermediary between employees and the cleaning contractor.

Who should attend?

Supervisors and managers who are:

  • responsible for cleaning services.
  • responsible for fully or partially outsourced (to be outsourced) cleaning contracts.
  • interested in acquiring specialist knowledge and skills with regard to cleaning and cleaning contracts.

Course objectives:

  • To enhance knowledge and improve skills for optimising the supervision of cleaning and cleaning contracts.


  • Five days.

Certification and NQF (National Qualifications Framework) Level

Certificate of participation is issued for attendance only. Course is offered at NQF level 4 and those who wish can submit to assessment and if they succeed can get a certificate of competence.