This course is designed for novice ‘front line’ staff in facility services who serve at the Facilities help desk and are inHelp desk training direct contact with clients and customers. Active participation is essential as participants will not only learn new skills but will be coached to implement FM improvements in their own companies.

Course Content

Professional Facility Services:  

  • Developing an understanding of the broad FM function and the individual employee’s role in this regard is key to changing corrective action into preventative service.

Communication & service delivery:  

  • The focus is on more effective communication through improved listening skills, telephone skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and their impact on customer service.

Customer-orientated thinking and performance:  

  • As the organisation’s front line contact with customers and employees the facility service staff need to be customer-service orientated. They must be skilled in dealing with customer complaints, obtaining usable facility information from  unsatisfied customers and effecting the necessary corrective action. The course also incorporates a social skills workshop that is hugely practical.

Experiential learning workshop:

  • The course concludes with individual practical experience and coaching.
  • Active participation is a prerequisite and tutors will be available to participate in and support participants with practical proposals for possible improvement at their place of work.

Who should attend?

Employees who are relatively inexperienced with FM or who are:

  • employed within the FM function.
  • working/planning to work as help desk staff or with the Help Desk/ Call Centre in connection with:
    • Tenants
    • Help Desk / Call Centre
    • Facilities help desk
    • Customer service
    • Interested in developing their active sensing skills

Course objective:

  • Acquiring the knowledge and skills required to work on the facilities Help Desk or similar FM unit.

NQF Level and Duration:

  • NQF Level 3 / Two days.

Certification and NQF (National Qualifications Framework) Level:

  • Certificate of participation is issued for attendance only. Course is offered at NQF level 3 and those who wish can submit to assessment and if they succeed can get a certificate of competence.


  • The course serves as preparation for the next level – Help Desk Supervisor/Manager