The course is focussed on ‘front-line’ facility service staff who wish to learn more about managing a professional help desk / call customer servicecentre function and implementing a culture of customer service excellence. Help desk / Call centre supervisors /managers will benefit from this course.

Course Content

Help desk / Call centre:  

  • What is a FM help desk, how does it function and what value does it add to the efficiency of the enterprise? Is a central service point necessary and what information systems (IT) may be employed to convert user complaints, requirements and wishes into data or actionable information.

Professional housekeeping:  

  • It is an unfortunate fact that all too often housekeeping staff is not recognised for their contribution. Professional housekeeping is a people-to-people function and by focussing on the necessity for housekeeping services and the role of the staff employed here, the course is intended to motivate them, instil professionalism, improve service delivery and generally improve job satisfaction.

Customer focus:  

  • Generally speaking, customers are demanding, critical and insist on the meeting of their own needs. Against this background it is essential that housekeeping staff will be customer focussed and very clear on who the customer is and his/her requirements.

Communication and housekeeping:  

  • Effective communication is vitally important to housekeeping and the course deals with human interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication as well as the necessity for effective communication with customers and between housekeeping staff.

Dealing with complaints:  

  • We look at the skills required to effectively deal with complaints and techniques for obtaining useful information from complainants. Participants will get to understand the importance of timing and clarity, in dealing with complaints and also get the opportunity to compile a useful action plan in this regard.

Supervision and delegation:

  • This segment of the course focuses on the does and don’ts of managing / supervising with the objective of motivating a team. We look at the requirements of a manager and how to get the best out of your colleagues. A step-by-step guideline to successful delegation will empower both supervisors and staff, and enhance the success of help desk operations.

Experiential learning workshop:  

  • The course concludes with a site visit and an individual practical assignment. These assignments are work-shopped by participants and common areas of concern are subjected to an experiential learning session. Active participation is a prerequisite and tutors will be available to participate in and support participants with practical proposals for possible improvement at their place of work.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced staff employed within facility services; staff who interface with customers (both internal and external); staff who wish to become more professional in their conduct with customers; supervisors/managers.

Course objectives:

  • Effective and efficient help desk / call centre functioning.
  • Inculcating the importance of professional housekeeping, customer focussed service and conduct as well as improved communication in order to turn dissatisfied FM customers in to satisfied FM customers.


  • Four days.

Certification and NQF (National Qualifications Framework) Level:

  • Certificate of participation is issued for attendance only. Course is offered at NQF level 4 and those who wish can submit to assessment and if they succeed can get a certificate of competence.