Students wishing to do short programmes can complete the modules of our full qualifications as short courses.

There are 2 options for how short courses can be done:

  1. If students simply want a certificate of attendance, they would be able to attend 2 days of lectures / training and be given all the material for the module for further reading and study.
  1. If students want to get recognisedcredits for the short course and engage with it more formally, they can attend the 2 days of lectures, will have to write 2 tests, submit 2 assignments, write an exam and complete a practical element of Work Based Learning, after which they will have achieved 20 credits at NQF level 5 and would be able to continue with more formal FM studies later on if they decided to do the formal HCFM programme or an accredited programme at another tertiary institution.

The cost of doing a module as a short course is R 7000.
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Module Content Credit Value Dates
Building Maintenance Management •    Building condition assessment•    Medium and long-term operations and maintenance programs.•    Maintenance budgets, service level agreements, and asset management.•    Planned and unplanned maintenance•    Organisational strategy / policy and the link with building maintenance•    Building and equipment life cycles

•    Building maintenance schedule.

20 Credits at NQF Level 5 Registration deadline:
1 April 2016Contact Session Dates:

Gauteng: 13-15 April 2016

Cape Town: 21-22 April 2016

Durban: tba


Civil Maintenance Management •    Demand management•    Sewage•    All building elements (gutters, roofs, vertical surfaces and horizontal surfaces)•    Structural elements•    Signage•    Building finishes

•    Carpentry, furniture maintenance

•    Roads and paving

20 Credits at NQF Level 6 Registration deadline:
1 April 2016

Contact Session Dates:

Gauteng: 6-8 April 2016

Cape Town: tba

Durban: tba


Financial Management for FM •    Accounting Terms and the “mechanisms” of a business•    Extent of own financial involvement•    Balance Sheets and an Income Statements•    Mark-up and Profit margins; correct units for Investment•    Profit, Return on Investment and Circulation of Capital•    Core Financial Indicators

•    Productivity

20 Credits at NQF Level 5 Registration deadline:
17 June 2016

Contact Session Dates:

Gauteng: 13-15 June 2016

Cape Town: 20-22 July 2016

Durban: tba


Professional Delivery of Soft Services in FM •    The scope and role of facility (soft) services in facility management.•    Quality control for soft services and professional service delivery.•    Financial implications and cost effectiveness in service delivery.•    Service Level Agreements and contract management – SA Law of Contracts and other statutory requirements.•    Principles and functioning of a Help Desk in the FM environment.•    Practical case study work on contract management and SLAs.

•    Creating cost saving partnerships with suppliers.

•    Knowledge and understanding of supply chain and value chain.

•    Common negotiating errors.

20 Credits at NQF Level 5 Registration deadline:
15 July 2016

Contact Session Dates:

Gauteng: 17-19 Aug 2016

Cape Town: 24-26 Aug 2016

Durban: tba



Facilities Space Planning and Management •    Collect, analyse and critically evaluate the accommodation needs of the organisation•    Optimal space utilisation•    Space needs – conference areas, filing areas and systems, pause areas, toilets, catering requirements, reception areas, etc.•    Space planning for efficient use of the available space•    Workstation layouts, appropriate office furniture and ergonomics•    Present and future requirements of the accommodation needs of the organisation

•    Organisation’s needs regarding furniture, audio visual requirements, filing requirements and systems, facilities management policies, etc.

20 Credits at NQF Level 5 Registration deadline:
19 August 2016

Contact Session Dates:

Gauteng: 14-16 Sept 2016

Cape Town: 21-23 Sept 2016

Durban: tba