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Conditions for Registration & Attendance
  1. 1 Pre-payment of all fees is essential    

    2 Certificates will only be issued to students that have complied with all the requirements for any course. No certificate, marks sheets or academic record will be issued to any student that is not fully paid-up as per the relevant policy.    

    3 The Academy retains the right to refuse registration and or attendance of contact sessions to any student as per the admission and other policies.    

    4 The Academy retains the right to amend contact session dates. Should this occur the Academy will offer alternative dates.    

    5 Should you be forced to pull out of the course, you may be substituted by another person for the remainder of the course, as per the student credit policy.    

    6 No refund of registration fees will be made and registration fees cannot be carried over.    

    7 I am aware that the student may, from time to time, be transported for the purposes of site visits and hereby fully indemnify the Academy of any and all claims that may arise from the abovementioned activities.    

    8 I am aware that the Academy has a range of policies and procedures.*(Obtainable from A4FM)    

    9 I have taken note of the Academy’s registration conditions and agree to the Code of Conduct for Students – see website -*.

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