Please note that the study fee is split into two segments: a tuition fee and an annual registration fee:

  • The 2017 tuition fee for the HCFM programme is R 34 900.00 per student, if paid in advance. The tuition fee includes study notes, lectures, lecturer access and examination fees only, but not registration fees. The tuition fee is a once-off amount paid for the duration of the HCFM.
  • The 2017 registration fee is R 1 850. This fee is payable on an annual and escalating basis for each year of study.



  1. R 1 850 registration fee payable, independent of the payment agreement upon registration. (Please note: registration fees are paid annually, for every year of study. In 2018 the re-registration fee will be approximately R 3200 + inflation). Furthermore, students will be liable to pay the difference in the tuition fee costs for every year for which they still have an outstanding balance.
  2. Payment agreement options for tuition fees are: