Facility managers and project management

Facility Management (FM) is a discipline that requires a variety of competences, including project management. The Academy for Facilities Management (Academy) Is a private higher education institution which provides specialist education in the disciplines required by facility managers, including the necessary education in project management.

Many project managers however also work in fields other than FM and the built environment.  A Harvard Business Review article predicts that a total of 88 million people globally will be working in project management by 2027. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the PMI (Project Management Institute) estimated that more than 1,5 million new project management jobs per year were created world-wide, and that there were not enough project managers to fill these positions. Some believe that the trillions of dollars that governments promise for COVID recovery are likely to create millions of additional project management positions.

The Academy’s accredited programmes / courses provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage projects in the FM field while other project management courses provide more generic project management training that is not aimed specifically at facilities management.

The project management skills taught by the Academy are also relevant to projects in the private lives of students who venture into endeavours such as home improvements or even events such as the planning of weddings and holidays. The project management competencies developed by the Academy’s programmes could also be of value to students who might at a later stage want to venture into projects beyond FM.