Accumulation and Transfer



Please familiarise yourself with our registration process before registering.

  • It works as follows:
  • Fill out the registration form below.
  • The Academy raises an invoice or quote, as may be required by the employer/ prospective learner.
  • The Academy and the learner or employer agree on payment terms.
  • Payment is made.
  • The learner is issued with a unique Academy registration number.
  • Learners are subscribed to the Student Platform.

Personal Details

Credit accumulation and transfer (CAT) is done in accordance with the Academy’s CAT Policy (available on request). Please note that you may be credited with a maximum of 50% of the credits of any programme for which you are registering. For more details about our CAT process and what information we will require please see: CAT INFO PAGE
If you are unable to provide this information, please visit CAT INFO PAGE to find out how you can obtain the required information from your previous institution SAQA.

Address Details

Residential Address

Postal Address

The 2023 fees for the ACFM programme are: R 2 700 annual registration fee per student Total tuition fee for the programme if paid in full in 2023 (for 2023 and 2024): R57 582 Textbooks and postage: R 1 700.00 TOTAL: R 61 982. Please note that all the modules of the programme (10) are offered in 24 months. However, students must determine their own pace at which they wish complete the programme by deciding which modules to complete each semester, as only they can manage their own time schedules. They should only register for the number of modules in any year that they will be able to successfully manage, factoring in work, family and other responsibilities. Please note that student must pass the required number of modules each year to complete the entire programme within the maximum four year regulation timeframe.
Please note: A yearly registration fee of R2700 will be charged over and above the fees above. The tuition fee is payable for every module the student undertakes in any calendar year. Students who register for a module and receive the material for it, will be liable for the tuition fee, regardless of whether or not they attempt the module or engage academically with it. Students can choose to sit out a module before it begins without forfeiting the tuition fee. (i.e. if you sit out a module in 2022, you can do the module in 2023 without repaying your tuition fee. A student who fails a module, or does not successfully engage with the module, will have to register and pay for that module again in a subsequent academic year. Payment agreements can be drawn up with the Academy. Please contact us for more info.

Details of Person Responsible for Payment

Name and email address of person who should receive academic progress (HR / Training Manager etc.) if your company is paying for your studies.

1. Pre-payment of all fees is essential unless otherwise agreed with the Academy. 2. Certificates will only be issued to students that have complied with all the requirements for any course. No certificate, marks sheets or academic record will be issued to any student that is not fully paid-up as per the relevant policy. 3. The Academy retains the right to refuse registration and or attendance of contact sessions to any student as per the admission and other policies. 4. The Academy retains the right to amend contact session dates. Should this occur the Academy will offer alternative dates. 5. Should you be forced to pull out of the course, you may be substituted by another person for the remainder of the course, as per the student credit policy. 6. No refund of registration fees will be made and registration fees cannot be carried over. 7. A student who fails a module, or does not successfully engage with the module, will have to register and pay for that module again in a subsequent academic year. 8. I am aware that the student may, from time to time, be transported for the purposes of site visits and hereby fully indemnify the Academy of any and all claims that may arise from the abovementioned activities. 9. I am aware that the Academy has a range of policies and procedures.*(Obtainable from A4FM) 10. I have taken note of the Academy’s registration conditions and agree to the Code of Conduct for Students – see DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES


1. Any student wishing to study with the Academy needs to have sufficient access to the internet and data to engage with The Academy on the student portal where material is loaded, assignments submitted etc. The programmes are offered via Distance Learning and are fully internet reliant. Students also require sufficient computer skills and literacy to operate the student portal, to submit assignments in Microsoft Word and correspond via email. They also need to be able to open and work with PDF documents.

Credit for previous qualifications