Teaching FM Standards to a new generation of professionals

The field of Facility Management (FM) has experienced a welcome change over the past few years with the introduction of ISO Standards. These standards have served the very necessary function of standardising terminology, principles and concepts in FM. They have already provided valuable guidelines for international best practice with regard to a FM management system [...]

Small business but NOT small regulatory woes

Every few years there’s a major crisis for every business, sometimes even self-inflicted. One has to accept that and plan for it. Working with regulators however, makes the crisis more certain and the nature of the crisis more unpredictable.   The Academy for Facilities Management (Academy) is duly registered as a Private Higher Education Institution under [...]

Celebrating our Cape Town graduates

The Academy for Facility Management recently had the opportunity to celebrate with our newly graduating students in Cape Town. These students completed the Higher Certificate in Facility Management, an NQF Level 5 qualification. Our commencement ceremonies are always very special occasions when we can celebrate the hard work and determination of the students who complete [...]

Recognition of special achievement in FM Field

During its annual Commencement Ceremony for the Academy for Facility Management  awarded a number of Special Charters for outstanding public, academic and intellectual achievement to Craig Henry, David Khasebe, Clair Odgers, Hendrik Wannenburg, Helgard Pienaar and Banzi Bam.   Their achievement stems from serving as members of the SA Bureau of Standards Technical Committee (T/C [...]

Adragogy vs. Kiducation – Adult Learning, Part 1

Research by indicates some interesting principles on adult learning (Andragogy). The following is a summary by of the research and the way in which the Academy approaches this issue in practice with its adult students.   The Academy’s students are typically between 25 and 35 and are fully employed. They follow a part-time, open distance [...]