Dear Student,

In order to apply for credit accumulation or transfer from any previous qualifications you have done,
please note that you will need to do the following:

1. Provide the Academy a certified copy of the Academic Record of your previous qualification.

NOTE: The Academic Record is usually not the same things as the certificate.

It should state that it is an Academic Record and should clearly show: your name, the name of the qualification, the year you completed the programme and the modules you completed.

It should also show the credit value and NQF level of the modules.


a.       If you do not have an academic record that indicates
this, please contact the institution where you received your qualification and request it from them.


b.      If your academic record does not show the NQF level or credit value of your programme of study, please go to: to get the information
you will need to complete below.


i. Go to

Go to “Services” – and then “Qualifications and Part-qualifications” on the drop- down menu


iii. Near the bottom of the page, click on the brown block that says “All qualifications and unit standards”


iv. Click on the right where it says, “Search for a qualification”.


v. Search for your qualification. NOTE: if you don’t put exactly the right details in this table, it will not yield results. Rather just complete the first field (Qualification name) and put in just one word and then search. (i.e. If you have a National Diploma in Business Management, rather just type in “Business Management” and search.


vi. A table will come up that shows the NQF Level and Credit value for your programme. Make sure that you find the correct one, from the correct institution. Use this table to complete the info below. Also copy and paste this table into an email that you send to the Academy along with this form.


c.       If you have a foreign qualification you will need to apply for it to be evaluated by SAQA. Visit


Credit accumulation and transfer is done in accordance with the Academy’s CAT Policy which you can find on our website at Please note that you may be credited with a maximum of 50% of the credits of any programme for which you are registering, i.e. (60 credits on the Higher Certificate for FM and 65 credits on the Advanced Certificate).