Where can I see an Overview of the course, costs etc?2016-02-11T17:23:52+00:00

Download the HCFM Overview from the website.

Is there a Code of Conduct?2016-02-11T17:23:19+00:00

Yes. See relevant document: Disciplinary Procedures for A4FM Students

What is the Top Student Award?2016-02-11T17:21:31+00:00

See relevant document: Academic Prizes 2016 HCFM

How are the marks allocated?2016-02-11T17:20:25+00:00

See relevant document: Mark Allocation Information HCFM

What is the Willing Mentor System?2016-02-11T17:19:24+00:00

See relevant document: Willing Mentor System HCFM

What is a Contact Session?2016-02-11T17:17:17+00:00

A three-day period during which students attend lectures on a particular subject / module. Contact sessions are conducted in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng, six (6) contact sessions are conducted in each of the centers every year. Contact sessions are not obligatory, but intended as an opportunity for face-to-face contact with lecturers and other students, ask questions and get clarification on issues.

What is Work-Based Learning (WBL)2016-02-11T17:16:36+00:00

A period (40 hours) of practical on the job orientation and training to be completed in the work environment / your place of work. Your employer has to conclude a contractual agreement with the Academy in which it undertakes to facilitate WBL. The Work-based Learning (WBL) component of the HCFM has to be completed in full in order for any student to be successful.

Logbook – a document to be completed by you and your employer concerning the WBL. Once completed this document has to be submitted to the Academy by uploading it to the website.

Activity schedule – a section of the Log Book which you have to complete detailing all of the WBL activities you have undertaken as well as the hours spent on each activity. (See LB for details.)

Logbook report – a report you have to complete detailing what you have learnt during the WBL, inclusive of any recommendations. (See LB for details.)

What is Course Material?2016-02-11T17:15:59+00:00

All the material you will be required to study for the completion of the HCFM. Study material consists of the following for each of the seven subjects/modules:


  • Study Guide – The guide that instructs a student how to approach the module, what the requirements are and an overview of the material etc.
  • Study Material – an overview of the subject / module which has to be perused with the utmost attention as it explains how to approach each module and contains the core material for the module on which you will be examined.
  • Textbook – there are two prescribed text books, which will be used throughout the HCFM for various subjects / modules. See Moodle for the digital version (for HCFM students only). If you want a hard copy text book, you will have to be ordered from the publishers
  • Logbook (Document to be completed)
  • Assignment (instructions on how to complete assignments)
  • Additional reading material – this could be an example or background or for exam purposes. (The Study Guide will provide the necessary guidance.)
What is Moodle?2016-02-11T17:15:19+00:00

An online digital student system, from which you will download all the study material, submit assignments and logbooks and where assessment results will be posted.

What is a supplementary exam?2016-02-11T17:14:41+00:00

An exam written by a student who was ill or indisposed on the day the exam was written and can prove this by way of a doctor’s certificate. The supplementary exams period follows immediately after the exam period at the end of any semester.

In what format do I submit assessments to the Academy?2019-09-10T09:05:53+00:00
Assessment Form of Feedback
Tests, Exams Answer books are completed in your original hand writing.
Assignment 1 & 2 Uploaded via the student portal (Moodle) as a MSWord document. Not as a PDF.
Log Book, Uploaded via the student portal (Moodle) as a PDF document.
Do I get feedback on the results for any assessments?2019-09-10T09:05:53+00:00

Yes, students get feedback in the following ways:


Assessment Form of Feedback
Tests Marked paper is returned to student during a following contact session.
Assignments All marked assignments are uploaded onto the student portal (Moodle) and can be viewed/downloaded.
Logbooks All marked Logbooks are uploaded onto the student portal (Moodle) and can be viewed/downloaded.
Exam papers All marks are posted on Moodle. A student can request to see the original marked document, but this can only be viewed at the Academy’s office or during a contact session. Any such request has to be done in writing
How do I get the results on any of the assessments that I have submitted?2016-02-11T17:12:11+00:00

Assessment results are posted on the Student portal (Moodle), and students may see their results under the Grades sections.

Can a failed test be re-written?2016-02-11T17:11:36+00:00


What happens if a student misses a test?2016-02-11T17:10:59+00:00

If you miss a test due to medical reasons you need to provide the Academy with a doctor’s certificate. If you miss a test due to work related reasons you need to provide the Academy with a letter on the company letterhead signed by the head of HR.

These must be submitted as soon as possible. Once you have provided the above to the Academy, the Academy will liaise with you to write a supplementary test/assignment, no later than two weeks after the original test date.

When are tests written?2016-02-11T17:10:23+00:00

Test 1 is always an open book test and is written on the last day of the relevant contact session (e.g. during the Soft Services contact session you will write test 1 for Soft Services). Students receive their submission deadlines via their student portal and calendar.

Test 2 is a closed book test and is always written on the first day of the following contact session. This means that once you have completed the contact session on let’s say, Finance for FM, test 2 for FMFin will be written as the first item on the first day of the next contact session, irrespective of the topic for that contact session. Students receive their submission deadlines via their student portal and calendar.

How does assessment work for the Higher Certificate?2016-02-11T17:09:50+00:00

Assessments are made up of 4 things – tests, exams, assignments, and practical work based learning

Test 1 – 1 hour, open book test

Test 2 – 2 hour, closed book test

Assignment 1 – an assessment a student has to perform prior to every contact session.

Assignment 2 – an assessment a student has to perform after every contact session. Assignments are uploaded onto the online Moodle system.

Once the student has received feedback on the marked assignment he/she has the right to improve the assignment and re-submit for a re-mark.

Logbook – a document to be completed by you and your employer concerning the WBL. A WBL is the practical hours a student must complete for every module. Once completed this document has to be submitted to the Academy by uploading it to the Moodle system on our website. It includes an activity schedule and Report.

Exam – The final assessment to be completed by a student who has achieved 50% or more as a semester mark. The exam will be written over a two to three hour period at the end of each semester under specific conditions of invigilation. Exams can only be written during the official exam period and at an A4FM approved exam venue.

Open Distance Learning (ODL)2016-02-11T17:09:14+00:00

Open Distance Learning (ODL) is a mode of delivering education. It is generally accepted that ODL study is more difficult than full time study at a local university; quite simply because it requires far more self-discipline from students who have to juggle work, study and even family. Fortunately ODL students are on average older and more responsible than full time students. The HCFM is an ODL programme, which by its very nature offers only limited face-to-face interaction with lecturers. Our students in distant and remote locations, especially those outside the borders of SA, are purely distance students and do not have the opportunity for face-to-face interaction.