Advanced Diploma

in FacilitY Management
(NQF 7)



The HEQC (Higher Education Quality Committee) has approved the Academy’s application to offer the ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN FACILITY MANAGEMENT (NQF7 / 120 Credits).

This is an opportunity for which many FMs have been waiting. It will enable FMs to achieve the top professional registration and recognition in our FM industry.

The Advanced Diploma (Adv.Dip.) completes the Academy’s trilogy of qualifications for a complete learning path in FM, covering NQF5 – NQF7.

The programme (ADFM) is intended for any individual who is employed in (or is planning to be employed in) the field of facility management in managerial level positions. The qualification serves to support and advance the functioning of individuals in this industry by:

  • development of knowledge, skills and values that are required for managing a facility
  • optimising advancement of your career in the FM
  • creating opportunities for FMs to attain higher levels of learning than before

Facility Management is a corporate support function requiring the integration of accommodation services, soft services and facility maintenance management. The Advanced Diploma in Facility Management (ADFM) – NQF Level 7 – is intended for those who wish to take responsibility for the overall management of the FM function in the organisation.

How will the ADFM benefit me?

The Advanced Diploma will:

  • enhance FM competence and add value to the student’s understanding of the FM industry and the holistic functioning of the workplace
  • provide for consolidation of the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the facility management field of study
  • facilitate access, mobility and progress along a learning path for students who wish to become competent and qualified to manage the FM function for any organisation


Overview of the Programme / Course

The qualification comprises a holistic and functionally integrated overview of the field and the range of modules encompass the best, tried and tested practices in the facilities environment and draws upon the expertise of academics and employers in the field.

The ADFM was designed to be completed over 24-months and is presented as a part-time programme on a revolving annual academic calendar cycle. Since this is a two-year programme only half the modules will be offered per annum so as to ensure a manageable pace for students. The 24-month period will be broken up into 2 semesters per annum with exams at the end of each semester.

While the programme can be completed over a 2-year period, students have a maximum of 4 years to complete the qualification from the time they register.

What do I get when I complete the programme?

Students who successfully comply with all the relevant assessment criteria will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Facility Management (Adv. Dip.). This programme is a formal registered qualification – accredited at NQF Level 7, 120 credits. Successful students will also be registered on SAQA’s NLRD (National Learner Registration Database) of qualified people in SA, where anyone can verify their achievement.

Successful students will also be able to register as professional FMs with the SA Facilities Management Association (SAFMA) at the highest level.


The ADFM is an NQF Level 7 qualification. You can therefore be admitted to the qualification if:

  • You are in possession of an applicable qualification at NQF 7 (degree),


  • You have achieved an equivalent NQF 6 – level qualification and have applicable experience.

Registration details will be made available as soon as all the necessary documentation has been received from all the educational regulators.