During September it was reported that the number of school pupils studying accountancy at school has dropped.

According to the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (Saipa), there had been a dramatic drop in the number of pupils taking accountancy as a subject at school.
Technical Executive at Saipa, Faith Ngwenya says there are a number of reasons why the number has dropped. He states pupils take accounting in Grade 10 and drop it in Grade 11 because they find it to be too daunting. They then obviously choose another subject that they think they will pass more easily. It seems that the key problem Mathematics. Maths is a necessary skill that is used throughout our lives. It has been known for years that the DBE is failing school children and the country in this regard. A lack of confidence with Maths continues to be a huge factor in students’ anxiety towards the subject.

Where the accountants of the future will come from is anyone’s guess, but I will not be surprised if China has a ready supply.

Maths is important in everything, also FM. However, students need not suffer any anxiety as the Academy has made provision for the poor quality of tuition in the public school system. We offer a maths bridging programme to assist students. A Maths teacher is also available to those who need further assistance. The latter is unfortunately not included in the Academy’s curriculum or cost structure. No private institution can be expected to pay for what the state has failed to provide; only institutions that get a state subsidy can be expected to do that.
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